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Robomower - Robotic Lawn Mowers
Robovac - Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Come to The Robo Store, Inc., for robotic lawn mowers and robotic vacuum cleaners. Step into the future with our easy-to-use machines that mow your lawn and vacuum your home for you. As seen in Parade of Homes, Robomower provides the most convenient way to mow your lawn, allowing you to do the things you really like to do. You'll have more free time and a healthy lawn that can be mowed when you're not even there. Our products are safe, emissions-free, and our robomowers features exclusive safety features not found on other mowers.

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Robomower Robot Lawn Mower - Contact us in Blaine, Minnesota, for robotic tools such as robotic lawn mowers and robotic vacuum cleaners.

How with Rain Sensor

Robomower - Robotic Mower:
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  • Rain Sensor
  • No Need to Collect Clippings
  • Identifies Trees, Rocks, & Obstacles
  • Equipped with Sensors for Bumpers, Lift Detection, Child Lock
  • Creates a Healthy Lawn
  • High-Quality Mowing
  • Valuable Nutrients
    Return to the Lawn
  • Edge-Mode for Edging
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Uses No Gas, No Oil, & Has No Emissions


Robovac - Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

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  • Press a Button & It
    Will Do the Rest
  • No Installation or Special Preparations Required
  • Have a Clean Home Every Day
  • It's a Vacuum, Not a Sweeper
  • Won't Fall Down Stairs

Quantity Discounts for Homebuilders

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Robovac Robot Vacuum - Contact us in Blaine, Minnesota, for robotic tools such as robotic lawn mowers and robotic vacuum cleaners.

It Vacuums, You Don't
Check out our Robovac, a powerful automatic vacuum cleaner designed to effectively clean your carpets and hardwood floors. Operating automatically, this vacuum requires no effort to operate, and you can set the timer to have it clean whenever and as often as you like. The Robovac is not like a rumba it is a full upright. With bump guard, stair detection, and child lock safety features, you won't have to worry about a thing. Imagine how clean your home would be if it were cleaned every day. For more than 4 years, we at The Robo Store have been in the business of making your life easier. As the only authorized service center for Friendly Robotics™ products in Minnesota, we strive to bring you the best for less.

His & Hers Deal:
Buy a Robovac robotic vacuum cleaner and a Robomower robotic lawn mower and get an additional $100 discount.

Contact us in  St. Paul, Minneapolis, or Blaine, Minnesota, for robotic tools such as
Robomower robotic lawn mowers and Robovac robotic vacuum cleaners.

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